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Sample Tracks

So we're working on this big band album. The working title is Big Bad Brown Bag Band. Tom asked me last time I saw him if I was particularly attached to that title. I told him I wasn't. He may have some other ideas. It IS a mouthful to say. But funny. We may just end up calling the album The Muffins: Big Band. Simple, but that way everyone knows what they're getting. (Well...sort of...)

Anne and I were watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in "Follow the Fleet" the other day. The dancing was, of course, fantastic. But I really focused in on the swing band tunes. I think they used an alto saxophone-playing band leader named Jimmie Lunceford for that one. Anyway, the tunes were wonderful. So inspiring that I went downstairs into my studio and started recording a new big band piece. Tom and I talked a lot about the project at band camp, both of us admiring the old swing bands from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. It was Tom's idea originally for the album to be a sort of Muffinesque (gosh, I LOVE that adjective!) tip-of-the-hat to those great swing bands. Consequently, I really wanted to capture a swing feeling with this new tune, which I'm calling "Catawampus" (that title, btw, is one that I already used for another tune, but I replaced it with something else. "Catawampus" seems to fit this new swing tune much better!). I started it with a simple bass, snare, and alto intro, one that Billy, Tom, and I already videoed at our latest band camp. (I'm in the process of getting it ready for YouTube, so I'll let everyone know as soon as it's up.) After that simple intro, the big band kicks in. I really like it so far. It swings, but it's still very Muffinesque (there it IS again!).